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Monday, September 08, 2008

Day 2 - Disappointed in the bullies and cowards

I just heard that the broadcast consortium which puts on the national leader's debate has decided to NOT invite Elizabeth May to the debate because three of the other party leaders threatened to boycott the event. What a bunch of cowards!

This is the kind of decision I would expect from a tightly controlled dictatorship. I know why Harper is scared, but that is no excuse to subvert democracy by denying people the opportunity to see all of the alternatives available to them. The Bloc will be there, even though they only run 75 candidates, and some polls have put the Greens at TWICE their vote. Just another example of "my way or the highway" politics.

Please, kick these bums out of office, and put the power of choice back into the hands of the people. 80% of Canadians polled want to see Elizabeth May in the debates. But three greedy and arrogant "leaders" use their collective might to try to crush the voice of change. I know have a better idea of why they had to get together to have their little "chats" last week .. to get their strategy together.

People, if you support these parties again, you will get exactly what you vote for .. more of this.


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