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Friday, March 07, 2008

When there is nowhere to turn ...

I read a blog from "Mike" (linked below) and had to give it two thumbs up. I don't know exactly what his politics are, but I linked to it from .

His blog is about being angry and frustrated with all those people that we elected to govern this country. Caution: contains some words your mother likely didn't teach you.

I had a much tamer, but similiarly oriented blog a couple days ago.

The interesting thing is that Mike listed a whole bunch of things that he was angry about, and so did I. However, there was only a little overlap between our lists! They could be added together into a super-list, and perhaps should be. The point is, there are that many (so many) things going wrong with our democracy right now. So many.

We need participatory democracy and truly transparent and accountable systems within our government. Now.

I, for one, have committed to supporting the Green Party, because I believe that we can change this and reclaim good governance.


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