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Sunday, June 01, 2008

My large double, double

I like Tim Horton's coffee, usually I order a large double, double. In January 2006 during the last election, this cost $1.40. After Steven Harper moved into 24 Sussex Drive, the GST was lowered by 1%, making the cost $1.39. About a year later, the GST was lowered again, making the cost $1.38. Then the prices went up, and my large double double costs $1.45.

The loss of the GST revenue has put the federal budget perilously close to a deficit.

To the federal government: thanks for nothing.


At 2:53 AM, Blogger Devin Johnston said...

While I don't generally defend the Conservatives... the federal budgetary surplus has increased since they took office (although the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives predicts possible deficits in the near future.) As well, the GST (indeed all consuption and VATs) are regressive. Wouldn't a shift away from VATs and toward corporate taxes be a good and progressive policy option? (Of course, this is NOT what the Conservatives are doing... they are just cutting the GST without shifting that revenue on to corporate taxes.)

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Jim Johnston said...

Agreed that the missing element is a comprehensive tax strategy that would seem to have some purpose and direction. At least they should tell Canadians what the overall plan is rather than foist one piece at a time. Then Canadians can decide if they like this plan versus another party's plan.

They have recently claimed that they could not afford to implement the RESP deductibility legislation that was passed by the house. Plus we are seeing budget cuts all over to service organizations, museums, and Status of Women Canada, the federal organization that advocates for the equal status of women. (Correction, the word "equal" was removed from their mandate at the same time that their budget was cut. George Orwell would be proud).

The funny thing is that Conservatives have traditionally been the tax cutters, and my point is that the GST cut is pretty much insignificant to Canadians, while at the same time, they are managing the largest federal budget in the history of Canada.


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