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Monday, March 05, 2007

Even better polls

It takes more than polls to win an election, but it is a good start. Decima has recently released its Canada numbers showing Conservatives at 36%, Liberal at 27%, Green and NDP at 13% and Bloc at 11%. More interesting is that the Globe and Mail reported this as a Conservative "surge". Well, here is the interesting thing. The Conservatives got 36.3% in the last election, so they have surged back to below where they were a year ago. The Liberals are down 3%, which is relatively insignificant. The story focuses on the "gap" really, which has increased from 6 to 9 points.

However, the real story is the Green Party, now tied for the number three spot in Canada, up 8 points from the last election. The growth is coming from all of the other parties. I believe this is the beginning of an explosion, much like what happened in the London North Centre by-election.

Once people can see that we can win, we will win. How can anyone look at their children and grandchildren and say, "I did what was best for your future in 2007" and not vote Green?



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