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Friday, May 04, 2012

Two resolutions

Hi, gang.  I have two resolutions for you to consider.  If you are a GPC member, and feel that you can endorse these resolutions, please email me at .  There is one policy resolution and one directive.

Policy regarding unsolicited telephone calls:

Whereas all Canadians pay for their own telecommunication services, and many of these services are charged on a fee per unit basis, and

Whereas all Canadians are entitled to a sense of privacy in their own homes, and

Whereas most unsolicited telephone calls contribute nothing to the economic benefit of the family and detract significantly from their sense of peace,

Be it resolved, that the Green Party of Canada will work to enact legislation to eliminate or severely restrict unsolicited telephone calls to all homes in Canada, including the necessary fines and other compliance measures necessary to ensure effective enforcement.

Directive regarding blogging on the GPC website:

Whereas blogging is an effective means of communication which normally requires public participation by way of comments, and

Whereas the GPC blogs at have been effective in the past, but do not allow any public participation, and

Whereas any GPC member may establish a blog at any time without cost on the internet, and

Whereas there may exist confusion in the public between GPC policy and opinions expressed on the GPC blogs, and

Whereas this confusion will likely be exploited in future elections by unscrupulous parties, which puts the GPC on the defensive and off strategy at a key communication period,

Be it resolved that the GPC will remove the blog feature for general members from, save for those deemed to be in concordance with GPC communication strategy, such as the leader’s blog.

Thanks.  I appreciate your investment in time.


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