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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

On deficit reduction

Today, our finance minister announced that they would have to postpone the date that they would ultimately balance the federal budget. They should have talked to us during the election, because that's what we told them then. It was extremely obvious to anyone who cared to look that they could not possible pursue a path of "lowering taxes" and investing in fighter planes and military ships (did they actually buy any?) and eliminate 50 billion in spending from the budget. Nothing has changed, but they act like some new event or thing has changed their "outlook". Just another deception in a long line of deceptions.

The thing that really troubles me is that, according to recent polls, about 40% of Canadians still think that these idiots are the best people to manage the economy in difficult times. The same party that wanted to remove restrictions on banks to invest in derivatives, which would have made our financial sector exactly equal to the US so we could tank together in 2008. Of course, now they claim that Canada is strong because of our strict regulations. Good thing they weren't in power prior to 2006, or we would be really screwed now.

Let's hope that good analysis trumps good old feelings. Last century's parties are not an answer to this century's problems.



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