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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ineresting speculation - what would a majoirty look like?

Murray Dobbin has an interesting blog post about what a Harper majority might look like.

Makes for some interesting reading.



At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Daryl Vernon said...

Hi, Jim.

I haven't lost interest in politics or Green goings on. Nice to find you here on my periodic check in to see what's happening.

Dobbin said some not-so-nice stuff about the previous GPC leader that I discounted, but then came to appreciate. Is his blog predictive?
Depends on how the non-political actors act. He did not mention the increased likelihood of Quebec going its own way finally, with such an atrocity of a majority in Ottawa. THAT would be THE major consequence, were little to stand in Harperites' way, as has occurred the last few years.

I'm not excited about a Liberal-led anything. Canadians get what they deserve. At this point, while I do not believe there will be a Harper majority, the sad logic of this country's disintegration continues. On what I should call "true green" grounds, it makes sense to have a re-arrangement, be Harperites the wrecking ball. As I said in one of those very many GPC blog posts, that old silly referendum slogan, "My Canada Includes Quebec", can be made meaningful to this Ontarian, as in St. Lawrence bioregional couple, Upper & Lower Canadas. (Remember that joint Ont.-Que. cabinet meeting held a while back?...)

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Daryl Vernon said...

By the way, see for Dobbin's more elaborated version.

At 12:23 AM, Blogger Jim Johnston said...

Hi, Daryl. Glad to see you are still in touch.

I don't know Murray personally, so I don't know how much predictive validity he really has. However, I thought his portrait of a potential majority was pretty close to mine, so I thought it worthwhile to RT (RP?) to the world.

Have to agree with you about not wanting a Liberal government either. Perhaps a stepping stone on the way to a better solution?

Keep in touch!


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