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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The newest insult to Canadians

Watch TV for a couple of hours, and you will notice one or two or more commercials which will "inform" you that the government's economic action plan is fantastic, with tax deductions galore and happy, shining Canadian citizens basking in the glow of gifts bestowed by a magnanimous leadership.

When I see these commercials, I have a different take. I see our tax dollars being spent in an effort to convince us that our government is doing a good job. Once again, our government is so arrogant that they believe that Canadians will not see past the facade, and see the bald faced political advertising for what it is.

The Conservatives are down in the polls, deservedly so for dodging the oversight of Parliament. So, it only makes sense that a public relations campaign is in order, especially if the public will pay for it.

So, Mr. Harper, don't try to convince me that you are doing a good job. Instead, demonstrate that you are doing a good job by showing me the results. And here's some advice, you could start by showing up for work, and letting all the other MPs do their jobs as well.


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