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My story about being a Green politician in Canada, and why it was the best thing I ever did.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why I am here

This blog is about bein a Green candidate in the 2006 Federal Election in Canada. This is my first foray into politics, so I am truly a green Green. So why am I here?

Someone has to make a difference. Someone has to stand up and say that change is needed, that change is necessary.

What change?
  • To change our electoral system towards proportional representation so that all voices are heard, not just the largest percentage of alliances
  • To change the marginalization of groups in our society, such as aboriginal people, ethnic minorities, even localized ethnic majorities
  • To change the ability of Canadians to participate more effectively in their government, which in turn will lead to more effective government
  • To change our perception about the importance of preserving our habitat .. the ecosystem we live in
  • To change the perception that there is an 'us' and a 'them' on this planet .. we are here all together
  • To ensure that we treat government expenditures with a careful fiscal wisdom and responsibility
  • To ensure that we have the right social programs in place to take care of people
That's why I am here. As a voter, I have in the past voted strategically for all of the major parties, almost always to prevent someone else from winning. Some time ago, I realized the futility of doing this, and now I vote where I can be proud of what my vote says. As more people join us (over half a million in the 2004 election), these changes will come about simply and obviously.

In this election, it is highly unlikely that there will be a majority government elected. So this is the right time to send your vote towards what you believe, giving it strength and causing others to notice as well. Imagine this .. what if we never have a majority government ever again? This is not a bad thing .. this means that we will have to shift from the politics of conflict and confrontation to the politics of compromise, common good and shared vision. I look forward to being a part of this change.


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